There is no doubt that, TV shows and Movies are the best way to spend free time. And, many Android Apps, available, Which allows us to watch latest movies and TV shows online. 7 out of 10 people recommend Showbox App to watch free TV Shows and Movies Online. And, I am one of those 3 people, who will suggest you to Download other Apps. Because, there are numerous “Apps like Showbox” available, which is better than Showbox.

Why we need Apps Similar to Showbox?.

First, I would like to tell you, personally, I like the Showbox App. But, from past few days Apps is not working fine. I mean, whenever I try to play any TV show or movies in this App. The app shows me loading screen and, the video doesn’t get Start.Showbox loading screen

First, I thought the issue is with my internet connection. So, I tried to play a YouTube video, and video gets started without buffering. So, definitely, the problem is with the server, because App is quite popular. Maybe you guys also facing the similar issue. That’s why you’re Searching for “app like Showbox”. And, this is the only cons, that I found in Showbox App. Otherwise, Showbox App comes with many Good features.

You can even download your favorite TV Shows and Movies in multiple video quality. Although, this article is not about, Showbox app features. And you’re here to know about “Apps like Showbox”. So these are 10 Showbox alternatives Apps, that you can download.

Apps like Showbox – Similar to Showbox.

Terrarium TV App.

I have already mentioned about this App, in my “Watch Series Online” Article. And personally, I use this App to Watch my favorite TV shows. The app allows watching the video directly on your local video player. You can use YesPlayer, ExoPlayer, MX Player and VLC. And, Terrarium TV App offers more content to Watch than Showbox. The best part of this App is, you can sort TV series according to streaming service. Terrarium TV App allows to Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube Red TV Shows.Watch Series Online - Terrarium TV

Like Showbox App, In this App, you can also download movies and TV Shows. App has the favorite section, where you can add shows, that you want to watch or currently watching. This app also shows that how much data video is going to consume. And provides numerous of the server to watch a video, which is a good option. So, You don’t need to wait for a slow server to respond. You can switch to another server to watch TV Shows online. Overall, this is one of best movie apps like Showbox for Android.

MegaBox HD.

If you don’t want to install heavy apps on your Smartphone. And, still, want to watch your favorite movies and TV Shows. Then, MegaBox HD is the best App, that you can download. This App is around 2 MB in size but works better than Showbox. But, to watch video through this App you need to install MV CastPlayer (4 MB App). MegaBox HD comes with ads, which you can skip, and close easily.MegaBox HD

The good and bad thing about this App is, you can watch videos in 720p quality only. Although the user interface of this App is quite good. In user menu, you can easily switch between Movies and Tv Show section. Like terrarium TV App, this app also offers the Favorite Option. MegaBox HD App has its own download section, but I didn’t find any option to download videos. Overall, this app similar to Showbox and better than it.

Popcorn Time.

First, I would like to tell you, there is a fake version of this App available, on Play Store. And the original app is not available in Play Store. You can only download “popcorn time app” from the third-party App store. Popcorn time App is better than, Showbox and terrarium TV. App not only allow to watch Movies and TV Shows, you can watch “Anime” Also. You can change index between cinema and anime. And the best part is, you can watch videos in 480p, 720p, 1080p.PopCorn Time

Video Sort feature also available, you can sort according to Popularity, Date Added and Year. With App settings, you can modify the home page, change subtitles language and font size. App also allows downloading videos, and you can manage through settings. VPN option also comes inbuilt, but you need to create an account before using it. Overall, It is one of the best “Apps like Showbox”, And according to me, it is Better.

Tubi TV.

I can’t compare this App with Showbox App because content available in this App is Different. This App offers free movies & TV, which is not available on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. So if you want to watch some unique and classic content, this App is for you. This App doesn’t have annoying ads, but it shows commercial between videos.Tubi TV

To use this App, you need to register through your Google Account. And, you don’t need to put any cards details while registering. Because, App is completely free, and offers good content to Watch. Like Netflix app, this App also has “Continue watching” feature. If you don’t know which movie or show you should watch. Then from the menu, you can choose between comedy, horror, action, drama, thrillers, and others.

Get Tubi TV App from Play Store.

Bobby Movie.

App name sound definitely strange, but this app provides latest movies and TV Shows. And, that’s why I am adding this App in, “Apps like Showbox” list. Although, While testing this App, It wasn’t able to play video. Maybe that time server was busy. This app shows less information and doesn’t show, the quality of the video.Bobby Movie

App has trending, popular and last update section. You can also find movies, according to the genre of, Animation, Adventure, Action, Comedy, and others. You can bookmark movies, and download section also available. But, I couldn’t find any option to download any video. Overall, App is good, you can try this app for once.


This App isn’t free, but still, App is quite good and not costly. App subscription starts from around 1 USD or 89 INR. And, with this subscription plan, you can watch latest TV shows & movies for 3 months. Also, you will get 1 blockbuster movie rental ticket every month. To start using this App, you need to signup first. Then, you can subscribe, and start watching good TV Shows. App also allows you to link the app to the TV.HOOQ

Overall, this is also the best Netflix Alternative, that comes with similar and different content. And if you compare it with Showbox, then it is better than that. With browse section of this App, you can select the movie from the different genre of Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, and others. You can also download movies and TV shows, with this App. Also, can add movies to favorite section, and can watch later.

Get HOOQ App from Play Store.


I can’t compare this App with Netflix or Showbox. But, this App offers latest TV Shows and Movies free for a month. And, you don’t need to enter credit card details to subscribe one month trial. That’s why I am adding this App in “Apps like Showbox” list. But the bad part about this App is, this App is not available in many Countries. Or, I can say this App is available in only 25 countries.iFlix

But, still, if you want to use this App, then one thing you can do. You can download this App from Play Store. And App allows to sign in if you have an account. So, you can use a proxy server and can register through other countries. But if you don’t want to use the proxy server, then you can skip this App.

Get iFlix from Play Store.

NOTE: Not all Apps available in this list are not available on Play Store. There are many fake versions available on Play Store. If you need any App, and unable to find out that App on the Internet. Then, you can comment down below, And I will share the link to that App with you.

These are the “Apps like Showbox”, to Watch free movies and TV Shows online. Although, Still I suggest you, to use only Netflix App to Watch Shows and Movies. And, If you don’t know Netflix is free for a month. So, you can try Netflix for a month and can cancel the subscription anytime. And still, You don’t want to pay then Terrarium TV App is the best option. If you know about any other better App, then feel free to comment.

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