In daily life, we face many computers related Problems, today am gonna talking about one of them. Converting a document from one format to another this is too hard for not-so-geeky people. Every document comes with its own format if there is no format then that is not a document.Sometimes we need to convert jpg to pdf.

Whenever we need to convert a document from one format to another then we search for online tools & I know there are many tools available online to convert document from one format to another, But Assume you are stuck some no network or no wifi area & it’s urgent to convert a document then Online tools are not useful.

And If you want to convert something Confidential document then Online tools is not a good option because you need to upload your document to convert from one format to another. And you can’t trust online tools site because when you upload a document first it will upload on their server then tool start working by accessing the document from their server.

Hope you understand why this article is useful for you. ok so, I was talking about tricks to convert jpg to pdf. As I told you can convert by using an online tool but your information is Confidential then don’t use online tools. Now you must be thinking there is no other way to convert jpg to pdf. But you are wrong today am telling you easy tricks to convert jpg to pdf. By using these two tricks you can convert jpg to pdf within a min. Before converting If you don’t know what is jpg or what is pdf then don’t worry am telling you in short notes.

What is JPG?

Easy tricks to convert jpg to pdf

JPG is a file extension for a lossy graphics file. The JPEG file extension is used interchangeably with JPG. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group who created the standard.

what is Pdf?

Easy tricks to convert jpg to pdf
Pdf is also known as Portable Document Format. Pdf is a File Format for Capturing and sending Electronic Documents in Exactly the intended format.

The easiest way to convert jpg to pdf without using third-party Software.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Office Word.

You can Open By Going Start Button the use Search Option, Serch For Microsoft Office.

Then Open Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Now go to Insert option. You can easily Find Insert Option By going Menu Of Microsoft Word.

Easy tricks to convert jpg to pdf BounceGeek

Step 3: Now click On Picture Option.Then Select your jpg image & then Click on Insert.

Easy tricks to convert jpg to pdf

Step 4: Now you can set jpg according to your desire by using corner Points.

Step 5: Now Go to File Option-Click on save, Now a Dialogue Box will open.

Step 6. Now this is the main part you can see save as type option. Select Pdf.

Easy tricks to convert jpg to pdf

Now Just Click on Save.

Finally, you converted jpg into pdf without using any online tool. Thank you guys reading this Article. If this is Helpful for you, then please Help me in growing, share this post with your friends.


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