Whatsapp Messenger is a Cross Platform,encrypted,secure Instant Messaging App.Whatsapp Allows us to send text messages,Images,Videos, Documents. The best part about Whatsapp is  we also can call another Whatsapp user by using Whatsapp Calling Option. Nowadays 90℅ Android Users uses Whatsapp App & it’s Cross Platform So it’s available for ios also.

But there is the worst thing about WhatsApp, I can’t say worst because without WhatsApp we can’t imagine our life Because now we are addicted. Ok, I was talking about the worst part we can’t create or Install two Whatsapp in one phone. If we try by using any modded apk then Whatsapp will block us for the lifetime. Am saying this because of last time when I was using Whatsapp Modded apk with some advanced feature Whatsapp Blocked me.

Why do we need to install two WhatsApp in one Phone?

I think the answer you already have that’s why you reading this article. But I can tell you guys best reason why we need to install two Whatsapp in one phone. If you are a Business Person then you need two Whatsapp account Because if you use your official account for business users & you are getting msgs from friends & family then it’s a headache for us. But If we can use or install two Whatsapp in one phone then we can easily mute one Whatsapp account while we are busy in work. If you are a student like me then I think I don’t need to explain the thing why we need to install two WhatsApp in one phone.

How to Install two Whatsapp in one phone

Ok, Now this thing clear why we need to install two Whatsapp in one phone. But I know you guys want a solution for this problems. But Don’t worry Guys Now you are reading the leading Blog BounceGeek, & I know you guys already tried many Modded apk am not gonna provide the name because it will not work for you. And Many Blogs will tell you guys to root your android Devices.

But If you know rooting a phone is not the best thing. Because after root anyone can hack your personal data your mobile become unsecured. So Don’t worry am not gonna tell you guys to root your Android device to install two Whatsapp in one phone. So without wasting your time geek time let’s bounce towards this awesome GeekHack.

Today Am Gonna telling you about an app. By using this app you can use two WhatsApp account in one phone.

How to install two WhatsApp in one phone.

Download & Install Parallel Space Android app on your Device.

Some small info about Parallel Space Android App.

Parallel Space Allows users to log into their multi accounts at the same time on one device! It also protects user privacy by making apps invisible on the device with the Incognito Installation feature.
The Best Part about this app is we can create any apps copy & run another account in that copy. If you are unable to understand what am saying then you don’t need to worry you will understand when you will use this app. But If you are using lowest ram device like 256mb or 512mb then my suggestion don’t try your mobile will stop working. Because Parallel space app needs max. ram to run smoothly.

How to Install two Whatsapp in one phone

Download Parallel Space Android App.

1. Now install Parallel Space Android App into your smartphone.
2. Now open Parallel Space Android App.
3. Now Click on the icon that you can see in the bottom left corner.
4. Now you can see Whatsapp icon if you can’t see the maybe WhatsApp is not installed in your device.
5. Just Click on Whatsapp Icon & app will start creating second I mean duplicate of Whatsapp app.
6. after the creation of the second Whatsapp you can click on it to open.
7. Now Simple register your second mobile no. for second WhatsApp account.

By using above Method we can install two, WhatsApp in one phone Without rooting or without installing any modded apk.
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