Recently Google launched Instant Messaging App Called Google Allo. It was announced at Google I/O on May 18, 2016, and launched on September 21, 2016. The Smart Messaging app Google Allo comes with Google Assistant. Google Assistant features offers you awesome services like news, weather, Travel, Games & all others Google Sevices. It’s Similar to Android “Ok Google” Feature but Not-so-similar. It’s Basically a Bot that Replies on our Messages. For Example, If you say “Hi” then you will get an instant reply “Hi”.

If You are using Google Allo messenger for chatting. Google assistant feature will make sure that you never need to leave the messaging app to look For news,Emails & Google searches You can ask anything to Google Assistant & you will Get Instant Answer. You can set an alarm,You can play Music also there are lot more things that you can do with Google  Allo Messenger. After Reading Smart Messaging App we all think about WhatsApp & Everyone wants to know what’s special in Google Allo that Whatsapp Don’t have. So Let’s Compare Both apps in Briefly.

Small Comparison Between WhatsApp & Google Allo Messenger

First, we talk about similar things. Both Messaging App Provides Basic Features Chat with Friends & allows us to share Media like Photos Videos Documents & many other Media Files. If we want to chat with another person then the same app should be install on Other Person Mobile Device & to access other person info like profile picture It requires Contact. Both app Base on Contacts.

Small Comparison Between WhatsApp & Google Allo Messenger

But there are one thing we need to Understand If we want to chat with someone on Google Allo then another person must have the same app. But Unfortunately Still Google Allo is Not-so-popular that’s why there are not too many users of Google Allo App. At the end, you need to use WhatsApp But wait there are few things that attract new users to use Google Allo.

And that is It’s Google Assistant. I already Told you about What you can do with Google Assistant. Still, this type of feature is not available in WhatsApp. But there are also one thing that Still Not available in Google Allo. Am talking about Whatsapp Calling Feature. If you are only using Google Allo then for Internet Calls you need to Install Other Google apps like Hangout & Google Duo.

I was talking about Comparison, Both apps have their different-different Features. There are Few small Features Like Read Receipt,Status & Privacy Option Not available in Google Allo & I think it’s the Basic Features that Google Allo needs to Provides. If we talk about calls then WhatsApp launch its call services after few years of launch. And Still Google Allo is new that’s why calling is not the thing that forces you to not use Google Allo. But There are Few that am gonna talk about later like Incognito Chat is gonna attract new Users.

I think I don’t need to compare these two apps more. Let’s talk about Google Allo Features.

Google Allo: Features That you should know / Things that you Should Know about Google Allo Messenger.


Let’s Start with some Basic & cool Features that everyone wants in WhatsApp. Google Allo Comes with Stickers Option in Chat. It’s Same Like Facebook Messenger But Google Allo Stickers are awesome. you will get 3 Stickers packs already downloaded with Google Allo. If you want more then you can Install from Sticker Store.


How to Access Stickers Option In Chat

Stickers Store

Simple Click on + Icon in Bottom Left Side. Here you can Find Sticker Icon Simply Click on It. Now you can See Stickers If you want more then click on +Sticker Icon that is available on right Side

Shout or Whisper a Message

Shout or Whisper a Message



In Whatsapp, there is Hidden Feature so you can style text into Bold,Italic. But Still there is not any feature like that but there is a Unique Feature that Available in Google Allo. By Using this Feature You can “Increase or Decrease the size of a text”. This Feature Useful in Group Conversation when no-one is listening to you & you want to say loudly. Hope you understand what am trying to say.

How to Use Shout or Whisper Feature / How to Increase Or Decrease the Size of a text”

Shout or Whisper a Message

Simply type Your Message that you want to send then Hold Send Icon then Move that Icon Up & Down. If you Move up that Icon then Text Size will Increase If you move down then it Will Decrease. If you want to send then release the Icon.

Incognito Chat / self-destruct Timer.

Incognito Chat / self-destruct Timer.

This is the Best Features that Attract Every user to Use Google Allo messenger. This Feature Provides Privacy to Google Allo App User. This Feature Already Available in Blackberry BBM messenger & telegram app. Incognito Chat Feature Provides us end-to-end encryption. And Also there is Self-destruct timer Option Available that is Simple Awesome.

How to Access & use Incognito Chat / self-destruct Timer.

Open Allo Messenger then Click on Chat Icon That you can see in Bottom Right Corner. Now you can see Start Incognito Chat Option-Click on it. Now Select Contact of another Person.

Now to set Timer Click on Clock Icon Upper Right Side. If you Set 1 min. the timer then After 1 min all Chat Automatically Destroy.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply Google Allo BounceGeek

This ie the Best feature that is Only Available in Google Allo. It is Helpful for everyone & It’s saved our time when we are in Work Mode. First Let’s talk about what things we can do with it. Assume Someone sent you “Hi” then automatically you can see replies that you can send by tapping on it. Basically, It’s Gives you Suggestions. In the Below Ss you can see It’s Giving Suggestion to me to send “How Are You.”

Smart Reply Option  Activate automatically when someone sends you Pictures, Assume I sent you a Dog Pictures then you can See in Smart Reply “Cute” “Adorable” message to send. You can send easily by click on It.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

At then End, I am Gonna talk about the Best Feature. That Attracts Everyone to use Google Allo Messenger. This is Basically Bot, But it’s More than a Bot it’s Gives you smart Replies. If you want to ask Questions then you will get Correct Answers. If you are Bored Then You can Play Games,If you want to know the latest news then also it gives you news & Best Part We can Check Mails. Also In Google Assistant all Googles Services Built-in I mean like Google Translate. If you want to do google search then also you can do Google Search Easily without closing the App.

How to Use Google Assistant.

Simply Click on Chat Icon here you can find Google Assistant. Click on It. Because it’s a Bot so a Chat Window will Open.

To start or know what Google Assistant can do then Just Send “What you can Do for me” Here you will get a Complete list of services that Google Assistant Provides you or you can say features.

Google Assistant Services BounceGeek

If you want to play a game then click on Game & it will show you all awesome games & best part you don’t need to download any games.


Google Allo Games - BounceGeekGoogle Assistant GamesGoogle Allo Games - BounceGeek

Daily Google Assistant Provides you different games. And trust me you will never get bored with Google Assistant & I think this is the Only thing that can give Competition to WhatsApp

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